In response to “Obama and the Bureaucratization of Health Care”

Sarah Palin is so infuriating. She offers no solutions whatsoever and just blasts the Obama plan wholesale. She can’t resist using the term “death panels” and still lends credence to the idea. It’s preposterous! She does so in her tongue-in-cheek way that offers her plausible deniability as well. Not only that but she offers up as “common sense” things that are squarely opinions and have nothing to do with common sense, not to mention sense at all. “Common sense tells us that the government’s attempts to solve large problems more often create new ones.” Is that really true? How about the Panama Canal? How about World War II? How about the interstate highway system? How about Medicare? How about purchasing Alaska? Are all of these big problems that, when solved, created bigger problems? Who started the idea of government incompetency? Was it in the Regan era? Let’s not provide services and let the wealth “trickle down” while we say how useless the federal government is. And I suppose Sarah Palin would have fixed everything and restored our confidence had she been elected? Or would she continue to spout about how poorly the government runs things while she was the #2 person in charge? Is this why she quit her post in Alaska, because it was just too hard to be part of the useless government machine?

Read Sarah Palin’s drivel here.