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Consensual Relationship Agreement California

Executive Order 1096 of California State University prohibits consensual relationships that meet certain conditions. The prohibition is defined as: the social relationship is not contrary to the employer`s anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy and participation in the social relationship has not been established as a condition or duration of employment. [Employee A Name] uses [company name] as [employment name] and [Employee B Name] uses [company name] as [company name] which indicates that we have established a voluntary and mutual social relationship. During my 23-year legal career, I have provided legal advice and legal advice in more than two hundred sexual harassment complaints. In none of these cases did the allegation of sexual harassment originate from an office romance in which the two employees involved had previously disclosed the idyll to the employer. On the contrary, most of the situations in which a relationship went wrong are due to an extramarital work relationship that the workers wanted to keep secret for obvious reasons. Some “love contracts” also contain the language of exit or waiver. For example, employees may agree to refer disputes arising from their report to arbitration. Or an agreement could require the couple to waive their right, sue or obtain any compensation for claims that arise during their relationship (for example. B claims for discrimination, harassment, reprisals, offences, etc.). As you can imagine, I cannot predict the validity of those terms, because this issue would relate to the provisions of the treaty, to other facts, as well as to national and federal law.

Many employers have a workplace relationship policy. While companies may want to ban all employees from leaving the country, this approach poses serious problems. First, it is not very realistic from an implementation point of view. Even if they wanted (a big “if” to be safe), employers are simply unable to police what their employees do after hours. And workers would certainly not appreciate an employer inviting himself into his private life. In your special instance, Dear Hardened at Half Moon Bay, it looks like Romeo and Juliet are in a direct relationship. If you make a decision on how to proceed, you will probably want to consider corporate policy, business needs, reassignment opportunities (or other means of mitigating conflict) and Romeo and Juliet`s preferences. I hope that you will be able to find an amicable solution that corresponds to your business practices and applicable state law.

Good luck and happy Valentin`s Day! ONCE AN EMPLOYER BECOMES AWARE OF A CONSENSUAL, a romantic relationship between two employees, the head of staff or another equivalent professional, should meet with employees – separately – to discuss the office relations contract. During these meetings, the company representative should fully explain to the employees the terms of the office employment contract and confirm that the relationship is in fact entirely consensual.