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Heads Of Agreement Template Music

The company obtains a license for the use of the company`s name, image, voice and biographical data regarding the company`s production and the artist promises that the music provided to the company does not infringe any third-party copyright. Useful for companies that wish to order both recordings and compositions of an artist for use on television, in films, etc. The artist`s mission is to carry out all the agreements, commitments, performances and promotional activities that the manager receives at his best and in an ad hoc and sober way. The executive`s commission is defined as 20% on gross margins, with the exception of tour and merchandise activities, on which the commission is calculated on net profit. The administrator is also able to recover expenses incurred in the performance of his or her managerial duties. Includes support for the draft documents as well as American, British and Australian versions! Although a lawyer is strongly advised to tailor your agreement to the specific laws of your state or region, we have given you a small advance by including three variants of the artist management contract. The artist represents and guarantees that the music made available to the producer for recording and production is the original work of the artist and that it does not, to his knowledge, infringe the copyright of another. In its form, this clause limits the manager`s employment with the artist`s career exclusively to the artist`s activity in the music industry or to activities (such as merchandising and sponsorship) that arise directly as a result of these musical activities. If you sign with a manager who is committed as an expert in music management, it is useful to limit his involvement in your career to his area of expertise. Obviously, if your career develops in a way that the manager is involved in areas outside his area of expertise, he will probably expect to pay his commission, but this agreement allows them to appoint different managers who are experts in their own field to deal with areas such as entertainment or non-musical writing. This is an agreement in which an organizer requires an artist to perform on a specific date and period at an event.

The promoter undertakes to pay the artist for the satisfactory realization of the commitment and to help, if necessary, the organization of transport and accommodation.