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Rebate Agreement Type Tcodes In Sap

4. Now go to Tcode VB03 and check your discount by selecting the terms and conditions, selecting the packaging line and selecting the payment data. You will see that the limits and volume of business will be updated when the accounting document is established. Note: Regardless of the equipment used for compensation, only the system automatically creates the request for partial supporting compensation, while the payment of the rebate is made from the discount agreement. A discount is a financial payment that encourages an organization`s revenue growth to increase. This is a payment from a seller to a buyer after the buyer has purchased goods in an agreed location, quantity or value of the seller. The discount is based on the volume of debitor sales over a certain time. Based on access information, the demarcation process generates demarcation data such as: For sub-committee types, we assign “delimitation keys” and “account keys.” The demarcation key (URE) allows the system to reserve deductions from each applicable invoice on the corresponding in-kind accounts. Once you`ve made your discounts, you`ll have to pay the discount. If you set up the discount agreement, you must first specify the following aspects: Note: If we store the discount agreement, the system generates a “no.” for this agreement.

We will maintain a “no” for this. Area reserved for the discount agreement. Go ahead; A discount agreement defines the details of the discount. The following conditions are specified in the agreement. B: You can check all types of conditions for the path of agreement: SPRO-sales and distribution-bill-discount-treatment-agreements define types of agreements types of agreements. After payment to Debitor, the “Cancelled Demarcation” field is automatically updated in the discount agreement with the amount paid to the debitor and also calculates the “maximum amount payable” that remains payable to the debtor. To view it, select the condition rate in the agreement and select the “Payment Data” icon. For the above settings, it takes into account, when setting an invoice, the limits necessary to pay the discount.

This remains a liability in the company book until it is not paid. This is actually Rebate`s augmented accounting. In the pricing procedure just above the net value of the item, we specify a sub-total basis for “discounts” by indicating the value “7” for the “sub-total” field that updates the discount base in the “KOMP” table and the “BONBA” field.