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Smcps Negotiated Agreement

Leonardtown, MD – On February 20, 2020, preliminary four-year agreements were reached between the Board of Education`s bargaining team and the St. Mary`s County Education Association (STSC) for certified and educational staff. • Adjustment of the wage scale each year of the agreement: the agreement provides: • annual improvement of wages for all employees of the tariff unit. • Annual evolution in stages on the salary scales for each year of the agreement. • Additional deductible health insurance plans for pension options. Dr. J. Scott Smith, Superintendent of Schools, commented, “This agreement continues to lead us towards a competitive and fair salary grid for our teachers and assistants. It also provides services that meet the needs of our employees and invest in their professional growth. A four-year agreement allows us to forecast costs and budget them accordingly so that we can meet our future commitments. For our employees, this is reassuring and something that people who work with children deserve to know what they will earn in the next four years. Liz Purcell Leskinen, Director of MSEA UniServ and EASMC Chief Negotiator, said: “The extremely committed and dedicated members of the EASMC NEGOTIATING COMMITTEE have been voluntarily preparing for the negotiations for almost a year and have borne fruit. EASMC and SMCPS shared a very fair and respectful process based on the needs and interests of our members, given the still too limited resources.

We look forward to a day when the Blueprint for Maryland`s Future will ensure enough resources, including highly trained and motivated educators, to ensure that every student has equal access to an excellent education. ” • Extension of the new contractual language until June 2024. The agreement will only be open during its term if Maryland state law requires compensation increases greater than those negotiated. Read the “Member vs. Non-Member” pamphlet to better understand the benefits of membership. • Improved reimbursement of course fees, including improvements that encourage non-teachers to acquire their professional qualification if they are interested. THE CEASMC is the exclusive representative of the support staff in st Mary`s County Public Schools. These include secretaries, class assistants, paraprofessionals, technicians, monitors, maintenance workers, bus drivers, catering drivers and other support staff working for SMCPS. We negotiate your salary, hours, benefits and working conditions.

• Improved additional payment for the additional allowance. This is the short list of services that are only available to members, but there are many others!. . . .