Agreement With Indefinite Pronouns Ppt

8 All students____very hard and passed with mediums “A”All students____very hard and passed with medium “A”. (studied) Everyone____ that, in the end, the work will pay off. (know/know) Much of what we did in class has been verified. (have/have) Some of the 4th graders ____shown amazing writing ability. (have/have) Each of the students___his or his own particular talent. 3 Indeterminate pronouns are pronouns without specific precursors Pronouns are pronouns without a specific precursor. A precursor is the word or words that replace a personal pronoun (him, them, them, them, etc.) in a sentence or paragraph. Union Error In the simplest case, Serk`s confusion is this: The boy is on. However, most third graders make mistakes with those who are frequent. 7 Practice with verb-subject contract with unspecified pronouns. Instructions: Rewrite the following sentences by selecting the verb that creates a match.

5 This can also become tricky. It can also be difficult. On indeterminate pronouns often follow sentences that make the determination of the verb a little confusing. Each of the kittens has been adopted. (The singular verb agrees with the compartment. Each of the kittens has been adopted. Some of the pizza is still in the fridge. (The singular verb agrees with the singular subject because some refer to the unique substantive pizza.) There are cupcakes in the fridge.

(The plural verb is partially in keeping with the plural subject, as some refer to the noun plural cupcakes.) 2 The subject of a sentence or clause is the Nostun or the pronoun that answers the WHO question? Or what? before the verb. For example, the cat was chasing the ball. (The verb is CHASED) Who`s hunting or what? The cat If the subject of a sentence is singular, the verb must also be singular. If the subject of a sentence is plural, the verb must also be plural. 9 6. Everyone who ___can joins us. (Wish/Wish) 7. None of the students____ on the quiz. (worried/worried) 8. Someone___ to close the window! (needs/needs) 9. Most food___gone! 10. Most students___ happy for a day of snow.

(is/are) Topic Verb Accord In a sentence, subjects and verbs must agree in numbers. Today`s remarks: 16.11.2010 VII. Undetermined pronouns.

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