What we ate…

…for Hillary’s birthday dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns:

  • Farm vegetables with lemon juice and salt
  • Tomato water gazpacho
  • Tiny tomato burgers
  • Zucchini with pancetta
  • Wax beans
  • Dried/cured eye of round, pork loin
  • Veal marrow with sturgeon caviar
  • Marissa Cuomo ‘Furore’ Costa D’Amalfi, Italy 2008
  • Fluke with green Tomato
  • Cantine del Notaio Aglianico Rosato ‘Il Rogito’ Basilicata, Italy 2007
  • ‘Black dirt’ slow-roasted (18 hrs) kelsae onion with condiments
  • Damien Laureau ‘Les Genets’ SavenniĆ©res Loire Valley, France 2006
  • Smoked river trout with corn, mushrooms, mustard seed
  • Alban Viognier Central Coast, California 2008
  • Scotch egg with cured summer beans, curry
  • Bread and butter
  • Calera Pinot Noir ‘Mills Vineyard’ Monterey, California 1996
  • Lamb brain with carrots
  • Malvira ‘Monbeltramo’ Roero Superiore Piedmont, Italy 1999
  • Lamb with stuffed eggplant and mountain magic tomato
  • Bert Simon Serring Wertzberg Riesling Kabinett Mosel, Germany 1999
  • Sheep cheeses
  • Elderberry compote with apricot and passion fruit sorbet
  • Macari “Block E” Sauvignon Blanc, New York 2005
  • Grilled corn ice cream and cake with peach, golden raspberries and olive oil dust


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