File Cabinet Archives III: Five Second Flat opened for Shipping News

In my biggest coup in booking my own bands, I managed to get my band in 2003, Five Second Flat, an opening slot for Shipping News, one of my favorite bands of the time. I saw their tour dates and called up the venue, Little Brothers, in Columbus, OH and asked if we could get on the show and they guy said, “sure.” It was too easy. It was a great show, too, and the guys in Shipping News were super nice to us and very supportive. During their set they thanked us for playing and told the crowd to buy our CD. It was more than we could have asked for. Lyndon, Jeff, and I were ecstatic.

Coincidentally, that was 11 years ago, today.

“File Cabinet Archives” is stuff I am finding in my file cabinet as I go through it and throw away a lot of old stuff, scan some of it, and save even less of it. I’m posting some of what I find interesting here.

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