Best Meal Ever

best meal ever, originally uploaded by Dan Hewins.

On our honeymoon we read about this restaurant online and it had great reviews. It took a little while to find, riding out bikes around Hoi An, but it was worth the search.

This was at a restaurant called “Bale Well” (pronounced ba-lay well). It’s a family-run affair and the grandmother takes great pleasure in teaching guests how to eat this meal. And, the first time there, you need instructions. You don’t order, they just start bringing this food out to you in great quantities. What you do is take a rice paper, put in some greens, and a couple skewers-worth of meat and some slaw. If you want, instead of (or in addition to) the meat, you can put in a spring roll (next photo). Also, not pictures, are some pancakes called “banh xeo” that you can also pile into the mix. Put in a chili or garlic if you want to. Roll it all up and dip it in the sauce. Repeat. Delicious.

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