5-29-19 Robert Mueller falls off the Pedestal

So many have placed Bob Mueller on a pedestal as the most honorable, trustworthy, and balanced person, so well suited for his assignment as Special Counsel on the Russian Investigation. This morning, Bob Mueller got up before reporters to make an 8 minute statement that pushed him off the pedestal of respectability in my mind.

He stepped up to the podium and spread more doubt about the innocence or guilt of President Trump in regard to collusion with the Russians and obstruction of the Mueller investigation. He claimed that due to Justice Department regulations he was not able or allowed to indict the sitting President. This is true, but totally meaningless. His job was to investigate the issues regarding collusion and obstruction. His report says that there was not sufficient evidence to suggest that Trump was guilty of either. If he had evidence, he could find Trump guilty in either case (as Ken Starr did in the Clinton investigation) and send the matter forward to the Justice Department to bring an indictment, or to send the matter to Congress to impeach the President. Yes, he could not himself indict the President.

Although he spouted the cliche that a person is innocent until proven guilty, his statement left doubt about the innocence of Trump, despite no evidence to support that position. He has clouded the waters for all sides, when he had no basis for making the statements he made.

Based on this performance, Mueller has fallen into the political camp of actors like Comey. He has fallen very far in my eyes. He is a disgrace.

#progressive hysteria