Finding Civility and Honesty; Losing Hypocracy

Let’s just keep a couple of facts in mind as we try to “unify” the country.
74 Million Voters did not vote for Joe Biden. That is @ 47% of all voters. 81 Million Voters voted for Joe Biden. That is @51% of all voters. Yes, Joe Biden is my President.
In order for America to return to civility, honesty and respect for different points of view, we need to recognize the meaning of these numbers.
Despite very bad behavior by our previous President, 74 million voted for him. Why? I, of course, do not have all of the answers; but, common sense would tell me that these people overall liked the policies and actions of the previous administration. These people also, it seems, did not like the prospects of what the powerful progressives and their media supporters had in store for a very successful country prior to a terrible pandemic.
That being said, what do you think these 74 million voters think of the 40 executive orders flooding out of the new administration with the stated desire to turn back the policies of the administration for which these voters supported. My guess is that they are not happy with these orders, in fact, maybe even angry about these orders.
Instead of bringing people from all sides together to talk about these issues and try to find an effective common ground or reasonable compromises, the new administration pokes a unilateral pen-stroke into the eye of these 74 million voters.
Why does the new administration think that these actions will create an environment to facilitate “unity”, civility and honesty? Do these new leaders simply ignore this massive group of Americans? Do they want to belittle these 74 million as “despicable”, ignorant, or foolish people? I see the Obama arrogance returning to Washington…we can agree, just so it is what we want to do.
What I see happening is that these 74 million and their leaders will not see the opportunity to “unite” with, cooperate with, compromise with this new administration. This country will not rise up to address the real issues facing our country today, like educational inequality (and I don’t mean free tuition and loan forgiveness), inequalities in our justice system, and economic opportunity for all, to name a few. Maybe 2 years from now, these 74 million will gather in their own towns, counties and states and vote some of their candidates back into the House of Representatives and Senate.
If we can be politically honest and drop our blinding hatred for the personality of the previous administration, maybe we can see that some of the policies that came out of the previous administration actually worked for all Americans. It appears that the economic statistics support this fact. Can we just be willing to look honestly at the results that 74 million voters apparently believe? If we can do this, there is a chance for us to move the country further ahead in the next several years. If we deny this and try to erase all of the policies that were supported by 74 million voters, we will once again make no progress for our country and all of our citizens.