Keith Jarrett Solo, Carnegie Hall, 5 February 2014

I was joined at the Keith Jarrett concert last night by Tony and I thought it was very, very good. I hoped, irrationally, that the first piece would extend into a long-form piece from the old days, but it was not to be. However, that was one of my most favorite pieces from the evening. I thought that it was more “song-oriented,” by which I mean it sounded like Keith was composing songs in many of the pieces. They could have been standards/ballads or bluesy songs at times. There were few “out” pieces and few, if any completely unstructured pieces.

Here are my own, albeit silly, notes on the evening’s pieces:

Set I:

Dark Intervals (reminded me of 1st track)
Song (the most song-like, imo)
Ballad (could have been a standard-type ballad)
Rio (pointillist, abstract, short; stopped it short and told a story about a review of “Rio”)
Cure (reminded me of “The Cure”)
Ballad (another that could have been a standard-type ballad)
Pretty Clouds (very beautiful, evoking flight)
Military Waltz (not a very accurate description but I’m sticking with it)

Set II:

Rainbowlike (sounded in similar vein of Somewhere Over The Rainbow)
Romp Song (Keith’s signature left-hand-type-romp)
Dramatic Beauty (very beautiful)
More Dramatic Beauty (very beautiful)
Break Bluesy (a bluesy KJ signature with a break in the middle to tell story about playing one note vamps with Charles Lloyd)
One Note Beauty (keeping the theme of the story, a beautiful, ballad-like tune that focused on one note throughout, probably an “E”)


Song (was this a standard?)
There is Power in Dark Beauty (not a real title)
Somewhere Over The Rainbow



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