9-27-17 Do Progressives really believe this stuff

9-27-17 Do Progressives really believe this stuff
Do progressives really believe the stuff they are saying everyday?
Melania Trump donates Cat in the Hat.  It is rejected.  Reason given: It has racist implications.  Give me a break.  If a progressive doesn’t describe a conservative or a Republican or Trump and his family as “racist” at least 12 times per day…will they lose their progressive card?
Puerto Rico is all Trumps fault because he doesn’t Tweet enough about it.  Further more, today I heard Juan Williams on Fox imply that his poor reaction to the tragedy in Puerto Rico is racist.  What are all these people actually doing to help the Puerto Ricans themselves?  Did anyone ever honestly analyze the situation in Puerto Rico?
The economy has been in the dumps for many, many years.
Puerto Rico bonds (debt) cannot be paid back due to overextension by the Puerto Rican Government. Puerto Rico is bankrupt due to government mismanagement.  This happened years before the hurricanes hit the island.
The infrastructure has been in horrible condition for many years, with no action taken by the local government who control the power company.
    The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) —Spanish: Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica (AEE)— is an electric power company and the government-owned corporation of Puerto Rico responsible for electricity generationpower transmission and power distribution in Puerto Rico.[1] PREPA is the only entity authorized to conduct such business in Puerto Rico, making it a government monopoly. The authority is ruled by a board of directors appointed by the governorwith the advice and consent of the Senate.
Puerto Rico is an island.  To get supplies there under the conditions of this hurricane devastation is extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible.  Vast supplies, however, have reached the port, but only 20% of the drivers to transport the goods have been able or willing to report to work.
But as our progressive friends like to say: Trump, the racist President, is not caring or doing enough to quickly resolve these problems in Puerto Rico.  Progressives have pointed out that Trump has not been Tweeting enough about Puerto Rico.  Not sure more tweets would solve these problems created by a horrible storm and a disastrous infrastructure.
I just can’t take any of these hysterical progressives seriously anymore.  They are on an anti-Trump mission with no rational thought…regressives, I think.
I am confident that the millions of Americans who voted for a new kind of government approach in November 2016, cannot believe what they are hearing from the regressive…no, I mean progressives.  If you are a progressive, you may want to rethink your approach.
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