10-03-17 My personal Dilemma 

10-03-17 My personal Dilemma
I want to be happier and send out happier posts, but these times are very difficult for me.
Let me put this out there…I would be very happy to see Trump step down and allow a real leader like Mike Pence take over the office of President.  Trump’s management style is so weak for a man who has run several large, successful organizations.  His main problem, as everyone knows, is in his tweets, although most are somewhat reasonable and to the point.  However, his tweet this past few days telling Rex Tillerson to stop trying to use diplomacy with the North Koreans baffles me.  His is using an informal, wide-open forum to give direction to the Secretary of State.  That is nuts, even if you give him the benefit of the doubt that this is just a negotiating or positioning stance to catch the attention of the North Koreans.  His constant tweets responding to every little criticism is wearing me out.  His ego gets in the way, over and over again.   Why take on the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico?  Although I think her criticism is unrealistic and unfounded, she is on the ground facing a serious disaster.  Trump’s responses make her a hero of the media and the progressives.  Why assist the hysteria Mr. Trump?
I strongly support the policies and philosophies that propelled Trump into office.  I would just like to see almost anyone else leading the charge today in getting things done behind these policies and philosophies. I admire his desire to work with the Democrats to find solutions to our key issues today.  I don’t think Nancy or Chuck have any interest in compromising to a successful conclusion.  They are worried more about how a successful bipartisan solution would benefit the Republicans; rather than how it might benefit the American people.  Yes, I know, the Republicans haven’t been any better. But, hope we can move forward.
My unhappiness comes also from the relentless media bias and actual campaign to undermine all of the good that can come from good policies and philosophies.  They aren’t being honest.  They claim a balanced point of view.  A very small example of the media language comes from the speech that Trump made to the United Nations.  Fox News, claimed by the progressives as the most biased said: “Here is some of the reaction to Trump’s UN Speech…”  NPR, NBC and CNN all opened their commentary with the words: “fallout from Trump’s controversial speech to the UN…”  Usually these guys are not so subtle.
So that’s my personal dilemma.
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