10-04-17 Tillerson’s comments today on the NBC Claims

10-04-17  Tillerson’s comments today on the NBC commentary
Some people close to me think that my outrage at the media bias is crazy and unfounded.  I guess it depends on what you want to believe. However, I challenge anyone to listen to the full statement and questions answered by Rex Tillerson this morning and then listen to the NPR commentators talk about that Tillerson session and tell me that my outrage is not well-placed (about 4:30PM Eastern Time on WBUR).
The NPR commentators pointed out that Tillerson did not specifically deny that he called the President a “moran.”  When Tillerson was asked (listen for yourself), he said that the NBC report on that was too dishonest and low to even get a response from him.  He was just flabbergasted that the press would even say such a thing.  Listen to what he said…it is much better than what I can describe here.  However the 2 NPR commentators went on and on about how he did not specifically deny the statement, therefore it is true.  Where is the source if it is true!  How can they just assume that it is true!  What kind of intellectual dishonesty is this?  How low can NPR stoop to create a non-proven story?  Are they so desperate to say anything about about the Trump Administration as to not care if it is true or not?  Now here is the ultimate kicker…the male commentator on NPR said with indignation that he does not understand how the Secretary of State can say such a thing about the President and not lose his job.
This hysterical progressive media just blows me away.  Surely there are intelligent people on the anti-Trump, progressive bandwagon who see this as outrageous!
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